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CEBU Philippines- OERSI Celebrates Lenten Season

CEBU- In this coming Lenten Season, Orient Express Recruitment Services Inc. will spend holiday from April 17-20. Prior to that, we are announcing to the public that our office will be closed on April 17-20, 2014 and it will resume our operation on Monday, April 21, 2014. We give time to our employees and staff

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Company Profile

ORIENT EXPRESS RECRUITMENT SERVICES, INC. is a private corporation with Singaporean and Filipino incorporators, whose goal is to provide client the best quality, values and services in human resource consulting. We offers greater work force to the employers to raise their productivity, efficiency, and well rounded technological and economic development which will meet the demands


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If you think recruitment is an easy job, then think again. I mean, seriously, it’s hard enough to find the right person or the right partner in your life. Think about how hard it is to attract individuals in sufficient numbers with the right skills and at appropriate times to be placed in the right jobs within the right

We give you hundreds of jobs thats suites to your qualifications, so you can take some time to find the best job for you. Start job hunting today to make your dream job come true.

Why Choose Orient Express Recruitment Services Inc.?

People are the prime asset of every organization. And people in leadership positions are the most critical success factor for any organization. The executive search process is an opportunity for organizations to achieve their business vision by finding leaders who possess the qualities that make this possible.

ORIENT EXPRESS RECRUITMENT SERVICES, INC. are aware of the impact of our work has on the careers of executives and the organizations that engage our services. This motivates us to adhere to the highest ethical standards for the long-term benefit of all parties. We practice our profession with discipline and compassion for all concerned.

We are an Independent manpower agency contractor ( with DO18-A permit)

We do workers pay rolling
We do payment and remittances of workers Statutory benefits
We do ADMINISTRATIVE functions for workers
We do performance monitoring check on a bi-monthly basis

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